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THE HIKO ADVANTAGE We believe business should be about people. You deserve to be treated with respect, courtesy, and trust. That’s why when you choose HIKO Energy for your home’s energy needs, there are:

NO Sign-up fees
NO Monthly Fees
NO Credit Checks
NO Security Deposits

We offer full-service convenience, manage your energy needs, and also offer various variable rate plans for our customers.

With HIKO you will still get:
  • A single bill from your local utility.
  • Superior customer service

PLUS - Our partnership with local utilities GUARANTEES seamless integration, meaning you will NEVER lose power or gas connection just because you’ve chosen HIKO Energy as your supplier.

HIKO ENERGY, LLC is always looking for ways to serve you better. Since we don’t have a huge hierarchy of pencil pushers and bureaucrats, we can quickly adapt to our customer’s needs and not only listen to their suggestions, but act on them.

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